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A Limited Edition print means that there will be a limit on the number of prints produced and that no additional prints will be made after the defined limit. Experience excellent quality with FineArt prints.

Each Limited Edition will consist of two sizes:

13"x23", printed on a 17"x26" paper.
32"x18", printed on a 24"x39" paper


The framing will utilize a very high-end frame, an 8 ply archival acid-free mat and either UV absorbing glass or Plexiglas. All materials will be strictly archival. Each photo shown here is in a specific frame. You may choose any of the frames available.


Limited Editions are printed by Jose Luis Rodriguez Maldonado personally on a Fine Art 100% Cotton Rag Paper, hand-signed and numbered. It will be limited to an edition of 35 prints at each size. Once the last print in the edition is printed there will be no additional prints.

Each will come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity verifying the number of prints to be made and that it was produced by Jose Luis Rodriguez Maldonado.

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